How To List on eBay to Ignite Sales

Learn how to list on eBay to guarantee that your listings are seen by anxious buyers.

How do beginners sell on eBay?

Selling on eBay is a great way to start a side hustle. It offers many advantages that you won’t find with other side hustles.

First, you can start for free. You won’t pay any fees until you actually sell an item.

Another big advantage is that within minutes, your product or item will be available to millions of consumers across the world.

No need for your own website, store, or social media account. eBay allows you to reach customers automatically.

For beginners, these are two huge barriers for any side hustle but they’re virtually non-existent if you sell on eBay.

There are other advantages such as the capability to “start-and-stop” as you please depending on whether you have the time to sell or items you can find to list.

Establishing a credible eBay account will also benefit you for years.

Once you are established and “prove” to eBay you’re a quality seller, you’ll be able to connect with customers whenever you have something to sell.

If you get really good at it, you can even sell on eBay full time: there are many sellers who sell on eBay as their full time job.

The opportunities are there if you’re willing and able to put in the work.

How to list on eBay

Whether a beginner seller or veteran, knowing the best way to list an item on eBay is imperative to your success.

Although you can start selling on eBay for free, I highly suggest you at least subscribe to a “Starter” store which is only $4.95 per month.

But if you’re serious about eBay, upgrade to a “Basic” store ($21.95/month) which provides you increased listings, discounts, and access to eBay’s valuable Terapeak research tool (usually $19.00/month with “Starter” store).

Either way, it is important to start your account off right: eBay puts every new account through a “vetting” process which usually takes about 90 days.

This is way eBay determines whether you’re a quality seller.

It’s imperative to sell quality items, ship on time, and provide top notch customer service.

This is how you increase the number of listings you have every month and shows eBay that you’re worthy of being placed higher in its search algorithm.

Once you’ve got your store setup and some items to sell, you may ask, “What is the best way to list an item?”

eBay was always known for being the “Auction” site but it has evolved into so much more.

In fact, a vast majority of items sold on eBay now are brand new.

Now eBay allows you to list an item “Auction”-style or “Buy It Now”.

Auctions style listings are still great for collectible items, anything that is rare, or an item that you simply have no good research to base a market value on.

Auctions tend to get a lot of views quick because many customers search for them specifically in order to find deals or rare items they can’t find anywhere else.

But auctions also have their downsides.

You can spend 7 days waiting for someone to bid on your auction and it not sell.

You may also have a “winning bidder” not pay. Either way, you’ll have to re-list the item for auction and try again.

For most items, it’s highly suggested to use “Buy It Now”.

This allows you to sell an item immediately and at any time. You also have the option of requiring a buyer to pay immediately which protects you from scammers and gets you your payment quicker.

Additionally, “Buy It Now” allows you to accept offers.

This is a great feature because you can allow buyers to submit offers. Then you have the ability to accept, decline, or counter offer.

Also, you can set a minimum to ensure you don’t have to answer super low ball offers.

Optimize your eBay listings

SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t just for Google!

Learning how to list on eBay requires you to think like anyone trying to “drive traffic” to their product or site.

eBay search results depend on multiple factors so it pays to create listing titles that maximize your chance of getting seen at the top of the search results.

Although the specific eBay algorithm is a bit of a mystery (just like Google), there’s a basic formula to create effective listing titles based on research and experience.

Here’s the basic formula:

[ Brand ] [ Gender ] [ Model ] [ Type ] [ Color ] [ Model # ] [ Size ]

Depending on the item, you may switch some of these around. But for the most part, stick with this format when creating eBy listing titles.

Here are some great examples of listing titles from experienced sellers that follow this formula:

how to list on ebay

There are also certain things you DON’T want to include when creating your eBay listings:

  • emojis
  • symbols
  • punctuation
  • CAPITALIZATION (except when the brand name is all capital letters)

While you’ll see plenty of listings making these mistakes, eBay doesn’t “like” these included in listing titles.

From a buyer’s perspective, emoji’s and unrelated symbols tend to look amateurish.

From a seller’s perspective, these take away critical space you could use to include relevant search terms that buyers will search with.

Once you have a great listing title created, the next step in how to list on eBay is to fill out as much information as possible in the description.

Depending on the item, eBay queues up dozens of fields to include additional descriptors and specifics.

Fill out as many as possible. eBay likes this and so do customers. The more detailed a description is, the less likely you’ll field returns and questions.

Plus, it shows customers you have a great understanding of the items you’re selling.

Finally, optimize your eBay listings by taking great photos.

This isn’t difficult but eBay is full of crappy photos.

There is really no excuse to have poor photography.

One of the easiest “setups” to take your eBay photos consists of:

  • 4 pieces of white board
  • 1 piece of wood grain patterned poster board

This costs $5-10 at your local arts and crafts store and you can use it to take all of your photos.

You also don’t need a professional camera. Just use your iPhone or android.

Here are some tips for taking great photos using your iPhone:

  • Take photos in “Square” Mode
  • Use iPhone’s “Brighten” feature (tap screen then “Swipe” up before taking photo)
  • Take at least 4 photos (more is better)
  • Use free “SnapSeed” app if you need to edit further

Now that you’ve learned how to list on eBay, find profitable items to flip here.