How To Make Money on Twitter Using Automation

Do you make a full-time income online?

If not, I bet you want to. Because most people do.

Working from home. Waking up without an alarm. Not having to deal with a pesky boss(es)!

What could be better?

Fortunately, the ability to generate extra or even full-time income online has never been “easier”.

Not easy in it won’t take any work. But for many people, much of the work comes up front.

With so many automation tools, maintaining passive income once you get going really is easier than it has ever been.

There are many different social media platforms you can use to generate income.

But Twitter has been an absolute favorite of mine.

The biggest reason is it is the “leanest” method of making money online.

How to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is a unique social media platform.

It is arguably one of the best platforms for generating money.


While you can easily get sucked into the “echo chamber of negativity” much like Instagram or Facebook, Twitter has a large community of individuals that are solely focused on making money, building businesses, and generating cash flow.

Connecting with like minded users makes for a very engaging community.

One that you will likely gain more value from than other social media platforms.

Twitter also tends to generate more of an organic audience for users putting out niche content.

As timelines are mostly filled with text (as opposed to photos or videos), people that follow you generally have a genuine interest in what you’re saying.

Twitter is also driven by engagement which is something we will discuss shortly.

This leads to another great reason to focus on Twitter:

There are many, many different ways to monetize yourself, your brand, or your business on Twitter:

Best part…one account can do all of these things at once.

How about an example?

Ed Latimore has done really well for himself on Twitter (@edlatimore). As you can see he’s sitting at just over 131,000 Twitter followers.

He’s written one of the best guides for being successful on Twitter that I’ve seen.

Side note: I’ve personally seen accounts begin generating money on Twitter with as little as 300-500 followers. Thats the power of Twitter.

Ed has a few things going on here.

First he’s built quite a bit of social proof for himself.

He’s provided amazing valuable content through the years and built a great following.

Now its almost automatic for him to continue to grow.

When someone sees how many people already follow Ed, they’re much more likely to follow him themselves to see what type of value they can get from his tweets.

Ed also promotes his free newsletter in his bio.

There’s an extra bit of genius here though: clicking on the link takes you to the landing page for Ed’s newsletter.

But because the page is a subdomain of Ed’s website, followers automatically know that he has a website they can also check out.

Once you click the link and sign up for the newsletter, I imagine many visitors then take a look around Ed’s site which includes links to purchase his digital products and an extensive blog archive.

Here’s another form of monetization.

This is one tweet promoting one of Ed’s digital products (in this case a bundle of multiple products he sells).

He does 20 million impressions a month and my guess is this single tweet easily does 10,000.

That means 10,000 eyes on this one tweet. Even if 1% click the link, that means 100 people check out this product and a percentage will absolutely purchase it.

Conservative math: 5 people purchase x $97 each = $485.

From one single tweet.

Want more?

Here’s a genius bit of affiliate marketing teamwork.

Joshua Lisec is a successful copywriter who has his own digital product teaching people about copywriting.

Ed is an affiliate for the product. Joshua posts a tweet promoting his product while using Ed’s affiliate link.

Then Ed retweets Joshua’s tweet for maximum exposure.

Depending on the commission rate, Ed will make probably 50-70% commission on any purchases made through his affiliate link.

That’s extra money from another $99 product for basically no work.

See how powerful Twitter is?

Oh yeah…remember that free newsletter? That’s another vehicle for Ed to sell to his audience and it is one of the best ways to market right now.

So now that we know how to make money on Twitter, lets learn about how to make money on Twitter automatic!

Automate Your Twitter

When you learn how to make money on Twitter, you’ll realize that a majority of your revenue generating activities can be automated.

After all, what is better than extra money?

Extra money that you generate automatically with little to no work.

Thats what HypeFury brings to the Twitter game.

First though, it is important to know what is important when growing your Twitter.

There are really 3 main foundations you’ll learn about how to make money on Twitter:

  • Valuable content
  • Consistency
  • Engagement

Want to make money on Twitter? Make sure you nail these three things.

The most successful Twitter accounts provide value to their followers.

This could be anything from teaching people a particular skill to providing actionable information such as investing advice. Think of a niche and someone is likely talking about it on Twitter.

If you can provide value to other people, you will gain followers and, eventually, consumers.

Consistency is key, though.

Many people start the first part. They get super excited about being able to tweet their expertise or witty mini stories.

They may even gain followers quick. Some reach the coveted “1,000” follower mark within weeks or months.

Then they burn out.

Seriously, over the years on Twitter, I have seen plenty of very successful accounts come and go.

Those that stick around? The ones that show up everyday?

They’re the ones who ultimately succeed. Who reach past 1,000 followers to 2,000, 5,000, and beyond.

Showing up everyday is a big piece of making money on Twitter. If you don’t stick around, you are guaranteed not to make a dime.

Third and lastly, engagement.

The difference between accounts that grow slowly and accounts that grow steadily is engagement.

On Twitter that means persuading your followers to engage with your tweets (comments, retweets, likes).

Not only does this spark the Twitter algorithm into highlighting your tweets to more people but it increases your social proof.

If your tweet gets 200 likes, people will see that other people care about what you say.

It also puts your content in front of more eyes which includes larger accounts.

When a large account retweets your own tweet, you will see your following count boost quick.

Sound like a lot of work?

Luckily HypeFury automates this all for you.

HypeFury creates a painless experience in scheduling your tweets.

Scheduling ahead of time allows you to create thoughtful tweets that will supercharge engagement. It also ensures that your account won’t be “Deadzoned” if you forget or don’t have time to tweet throughout the day.

Scheduling also makes it much easier to create long form threads.

Long threads get great engagement especially if it’s filled with valuable content.

Creators use threads to provide more value than a normal tweet would provide. They can also act as a sort of “long form” sales letter when promoting or launching a new product.

The above thread from Michael Paik is an evergreen thread pinned to his profile.

It’s the first thread people see when they goto his timeline and it provides immediate value and social authority.

Creating multi-tweet threads on HypeFury is seamless. You don’t have to worry about hitting your character limit because your tweets will be automatically broken up to ensure its 280-character compliant.

Another great feature is “Evergreen Posts”.

Have a tweet that caught fire? Mark it as Evergreen and HypeFury will automatically retweet it at set times.

This not only increases long term exposure of your best tweets but also fills in gaps in your timeline where you don’t have any other content scheduled.

Lastly, HypeFury is simply the best way to create content that I’ve found so far. Even if you have “writer’s block”, HypeFury has a feature where it’ll provide you inspiration from one of your past tweets.

It will even generate you famous quotes to be inspired from or to turn into a tweet itself.

And if that wasn’t enough…look how affordable it is…

Want to really learn how to make money on Twitter?

  • Create valuable content.
  • Be consistent by doing it everyday.
  • Increase and maximize your engagament.
  • Use HypeFury to automate it.