ConvertKit: Email List Management to Build Your Audience

So you want to escape your 9-to-5 and join the others who make a full time income online…


Where’s your audience?

I’ll wait…

Seriously…you already have the skills, creativity, and ambition. But without a way of connecting to your audience, you will have serious trouble making money online.

One essential tool for building and growing your audience online is with ConvertKit, one of the premier email list management tools available.

Building an audience means having a space where your potential consumers or clients can connect with and follow along your journey.

Having an email list is essential

No matter how big of a social media presence you may have, the platforms have shown a propensity for banning users for a variety of reasons, legitimate or not.

Social media is volatile: new platforms are constantly emerging and social media regulation is a real thing.

Having an email list mitigates this risk.

You have more freedom to be creative and provide content that truly reaches your audience. Without being handicapped by the restrictions on other platforms.

“Yeah but email marketing is dead…”

This is a common opinion. One you’ve probably been hearing for years.

So why is it “dead” wrong?

Here are some statistics from Optinmonster:

  • 90.1% of people in the U.S. used email as of 2017
  • The average email user receives “13 commercial emails per day”
  • 58% of users start their day by checking their email (even before social media)
  • Email engagement rates average 22.86% as opposed to 0.58% for social media

The fact is, email marketing is very much alive.

Plus, it is the “leanest” form of marketing available to creators.

There is very little overhead and zero barrier to entry (outside of knowing how to maximize your use of the tools).

Why else is email list management a great method to build and grow your audience?

You can build real connections with your subscribers.

Becoming a part of your readers’ daily life creates a deep, long-term connection.

This type of connection is an essential building block to finding and cultivating your “1000 true fans”.

It builds your:

  • Reputation
  • Credibility
  • Voice

And best of all, you can start today.

What else do you need to know?

We all have unique value to provide the world in the form of creative content. Building an email list is the perfect starting point.

That may sound great to you but you may still ask,

“Why ConvertKit?”

Simple: ConvertKit makes email list management simple and efficient.

Simple and effective

There are plenty of email list management tools and platforms out there.

But many of them focus on the “aesthetics” as opposed to what really matters: effectiveness.

No matter what you’re creating, the goal is to get people to open the email and actually READ IT!

You’ll be competing for real estate within your audience’s inbox which makes it essential to nail the most important elements of successful email list management.

You know what isn’t on that list?

  • Overly cluttered and unorganized email templates
  • Large images that take forever to load
  • Excessive HTML that dumps your emails straight into the spam folder

These are all big NO-NOs when it comes to email marketing.

Thats why I prefer ConvertKit for any email list management project.

The focus stays on efficiency and effectiveness over design and other useless things.

Even MailChimp, which was the “standard” email list management options for awhile, is extremely clunky and ineffective if you’re serious about building out sequences and automation.

So how exactly does ConvertKit ensure you’re emails are effective?

Subject line testing

Strong subject lines are one of the more overlooked elements of successful email marketing.

After all, if your readers don’t actually open your emails, you’ll never connect with them.

Optimizing your subject lines is how you increase open rates.

Increasing open rates is how you increase click rates and sales.

On top of that, the average open rate is only 20.94%!

In general, even the absolute best email marketers have anywhere from 50-80% of their emails dumped right into the trash.

So do you see ridiculously important subject lines are?

The ability to test different subject lines to see how which generates the most opens is vital.

ConvertKit makes it easy to with its “A/B” testing.

This allows you to test two different subject lines against one another and analyze the statistical data you receive from your actual subscribers.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to test subject lines and see what directly appeals to your audience.

Personalizing every email

Any great email list management tool needs to have a personalization feature.

Similar to subject line, personalization is something experts boast as one of the most effective email marketing strategies.

Think about it…most people are more likely to open an email that includes their own name in it!

ConvertKit allows you to add personalization throughout your emails and subject lines.

Here’s a quick video on how easy it is to add some personalized flair to your emails:

Awesome Analytics

ConvertKit provides all the essential analytics data you need to determine what you’re doing right…

And more importantly what you’re doing wrong.

Every year businesses pay thousands of dollars for copywriting experts to analyze this type of data and increase their open and click rates.

Having this data at your disposal is as valuable as anything when it comes to email marketing.

ConvertKit provides click rates, open rates, and subscriber trends. These data points are the lifeblood of your email campaigns and it couldn’t be easier to view and analyze it.

Build automated sequences

Now we get to the good stuff!

Any experienced email marketer knows that the true value of an email list management platform lies in a robust automation kit.

With ConvertKit’s automation tool, you can build the perfect sequence for your product, service, e-commerce company, or personal brand.

Even if you’re not actively selling something to your audience, automation sequences allow you to plan out your email content including who gets sent what email and when.

If you have ever signed up for one of those fancy “opt in” offers, you signed up for an email sequence.

This is one of the great marketing tools of the modern online world.

Because it is totally automated, creators build a sequence specific to their audience, begin capturing emails, and watch the action unfold without anymore work.

If you have an audience, a product or service to sell, and an email sequence, you can generate passive income with little to no work once everything is set up.

That’s how powerful automation tools like those ConvertKit provides are.

Think of it as a “mapping” tool: when you capture someone’s email, you then map out where you want to take them.

It could begin with a free offer or “5-part email course”…this is called the incentive.

Once this is completed, your subscriber may receive an offer to purchase your product or service.

If they decide to buy, great! You can either end the sequence or transfer for them to another one.

If they don’t purchase, again, you can transfer the subscriber to a different sequence.

Perhaps one with additional information about what you’re selling or even more free content (some people need way more convincing).

You can build sequences for whatever you need.

This works especially well when you have multiple products or services.

Still not convinced?

Believe it or not, ConvertKit has even more features.

Click here to check it out and start building your email list.

You could become the next “full-time freelancer” making a full time income online!