Carrd Tutorial: Build an Amazing Website Fast

Building a website used to be a daunting task.

Even today, people spend $2,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or more to have an “expert” build them a website.


Because it is SO important to have a space online to promote yourself or your business.

But in this Carrd tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can do it for much less.

Regular people like you are replacing their full-time incomes simply by creating online products and services from their home.

If you are serious about making money online, you need a website.

Ideally, you need one TODAY. That’s what is great about Carrd.

carrd tutorial

Carrd makes building a website from scratch simpler than it has ever been.

  • Need a landing page for your product or service?
  • A form to collect emails or customer feedback?
  • A clean website to promote and highlight your portfolio of work?

Carrd makes that possible with lightning fast speed.

Plus, it is super affordable.

You can create a fully functional one-page site with minimal effort.

You have the option to pick from dozens of website design templates depending on what you are looking for.

No programming or design experience needed.

You may ask, “One page site? That’s all?”


In fact, for a majority of people that is all you need.

The power of the “one page site” is that it eliminates any fluff for the consumer.

The ultimate goal is to push visitors to where you want them to go…


John has a beautiful new eBook about computer programming that he is planning to release in a few months.

The problem: He wants doesn’t have an audience!

He plans on buying ads on Facebook to find people interested in his content.

But his book won’t be ready for months and he doesn’t want to wait around to find potential consumers until its finished.

So if he finds his audience, what does he tell them to do??

“Hang around for my next ad in 3 months!!”


John needs his ads to send his potential consumers somewhere.

And because John is smart and knows about digital marketing, he wants anyone clicking on his ad to sign up for a mailing list where he can capture their emails.

This way he can tease his audience leading up to the launch of his eBook plus offer incentives to those who sign up ahead of time.

Whats the best way to do this?

If you guessed “build a simple one-page Carrd website with a form attached to it!“…

You guessed correctly!

In 10 minutes, John can have a great professional website ready to capture his potential consumers’ email addresses.

Once his book launches, he has access to potentially hundreds or thousands of customers ready to buy his book.

See how smart John is?

carrd tutorial

Now obviously there are projects and businesses out there that require much more than a one page website.

If you’re starting a blog or opening an e-commmerce store, Carrd really isn’t going to be optimal.

You simply won’t be able to create what you need if thats your goal.

If your website needs are more extensive, I always suggest using SiteGround and WordPress. It is the best combination for more extensive website needs.

But for everyone else, Carrd is the easiest way to get going.

Now that we know “why” Carrd is such a great idea, lets see how easy it is to get your website up and running.

Ready for the Carrd tutorial?

Real quick! Lets check out the costs…

Carrd offers 3 plans:

  • Lite: $9/year (includes 3 sites)
  • Standard: $19/year (includes 10 sites)
  • Plus: $49/year (includes 25 sites)

You can get much more inexpensive than those options.

Ok, ready to see how quick you can “build” a beautiful website?

Here’s a super quick Carrd Tutorial:

1. Sign up for your account at Carrd

carrd tutorial

2. Choose what Carrd website design template fits best

carrd tutorial

Carrd offers various website design templates depending on what you’re looking for.

Looking to collect emails or feedback? Build a “Form” page which encourages visitors to input their email address.

Selling a product or service? Build a “Landing Page” to help explain what it is and why the visitor should purchase it.

Are you a freelancer or artist? Build your personal online portfolio to illustrate your work.

The ultimate goal is to push your customer to where you want them to go.

Figure this out and then decide which design template works best.

3. Begin “Designing”

carrd tutorial
carrd tutorial
carrd tutorial

Carrd makes it extremely easy to edit your new page.

It’s as easy as drag and dropping.

You can easily switch out the background using your own image or free stock images from different resources like the ones in the Ultimate Toolbox (check out the Stock Images section).

Type in your name or the name of your new website.

Add a short description to describe what you are about.

carrd tutorial
carrd tutorial

Depending on the website design template you choose, you can begin editing different sections to include additional information, photos, forms, and more.

carrd tutorial

4. Publish your new Carrd website

carrd tutorial

Seriously, thats it.

That’s your entire Carrd tutorial. Edit your new website the way you want and then publish it.

You have the option of using a “Carrd” URL or your own domain name.

You can check out your new website as well as see how it looks on a mobile phone.

carrd tutorial
carrd tutorial

For most people starting or growing a side hustle, it is really about efficiency and simplicity.

You want Customer A to do ________ (fill in the blank).

And you don’t want them to have to jump through hoops to do it.

Carrd knows this.

Thats why its the perfect tool to begin growing your audience, displaying your work, or selling your product and service.

Now get to work!