Selling Ties on eBay: Amazing Trick to Turn $3 into $20+

selling ties on ebay

Selling ties on eBay: This really works Men’s neckties are a great item to flip on eBay. They are one of those high end items that sell for $100-300 brand new and hold their resale value if the condition and brand is right. When I first stumbled onto the necktie niche, I didn’t have a … Read more

How To List on eBay to Ignite Sales

Learn how to list on eBay to guarantee that your listings are seen by anxious buyers. How do beginners sell on eBay? Selling on eBay is a great way to start a side hustle. It offers many advantages that you won’t find with other side hustles. First, you can start for free. You won’t pay … Read more

Freelance Digital Marketing: 5 Most Profitable Skills

freelance digital marketing

Freelance digital marketing is no joke. On Upwork alone, there are a reported 12 million freelancers that earn over a combined $1 billion a year. As 2020 exposed, modern day commerce is increasingly relying heavier on digital marketing to launch and sell its products to the market. The opportunities are here to build yourself a significant … Read more

Thrift Store Flipping: Best Items to Resell

thrift store flipping

And it is probably the easiest way to generate serious extra income. Why is it so overlooked though? Reselling perhaps has a stigma because it’s so stupid simple. Buy an item for X price and sell it for more. It can’t be that easy. But it really is. In fact, it was one of the … Read more

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies: Top Commission Money

affiliate marketing for dummies

You can make serious money online without ever creating your own product or service. There are those who solely make a full time income by selling other people’s products and services. This is the definition of affiliate marketing: earning a commission by promoting to your audience and persuading them to make a purchase. I called … Read more

How To Make Money on Twitter Using Automation

How to make money on Twitter

Do you make a full-time income online? If not, I bet you want to. Because most people do. Working from home. Waking up without an alarm. Not having to deal with a pesky boss(es)! What could be better? Fortunately, the ability to generate extra or even full-time income online has never been “easier”. Not easy … Read more

ConvertKit: Email List Management to Build Your Audience

ConvertKit email list management

So you want to escape your 9-to-5 and join the others who make a full time income online… Great! Where’s your audience? I’ll wait… Seriously…you already have the skills, creativity, and ambition. But without a way of connecting to your audience, you will have serious trouble making money online. One essential tool for building and … Read more

Flipping on eBay: How To Make Money Reselling

flipping on ebay

There are an estimated 182 million eBay users who generated over $22 billion in sales in Q4 of 2019 alone (October-December). eBay is far from just the collector’s marketplace nowadays: 80% of items sold on eBay are brand new. You can make serious money selling on eBay, especially if you utilize the right tools to … Read more

Digital Marketing Tools to Generate Clicks & Sales

digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools are essential for your online business. Making money online has everything to do with driving traffic to your blog, website, or social media account. No matter what your side hustle consists of, there’s no doubt that digital marketing will come into play if you are going to be successful. With a majority … Read more

Land Copywriter Jobs with These 3 Free Videos

land copywriter jobs

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative skills to learn. These 3 videos will help you in your freelancing journey to land copywriter jobs. But why is copywriting so lucrative? Companies are in the business of generating sales. One of the key tools they utilize is great sales copy. You see sales copy in every … Read more